Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where is December going???

Luckily I can tell what has been going on by looking in my Holiday Journal. And it is just the beginning of holidays for us at our house.

With the help of my wonderful hubby I have updated my scraproom.Before, I was running out of space above one of my work areas. As you can tell, there was just no place to put things. Plus, the way that the hutch sat on the desk also obstructed the work area.

The end result...Pete was so helpful in getting these up.

I just can't get over how much cleaner it looks. I love them! Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter weather...

December 2nd: In many ways I would love to say it is a Winter Wonderland outside, yet in many ways I am thankful that it is NOT! Today's temperature is above freezing, which is very warm this time of year. This also means...less clothing, less shovelling, less time to warm up the van, less teeth chattering...and of course no snow sticking around. I don't mind this weather at all, and of course I am going to look at the positive no matter what the weather may be!

December 1st is finally here...

and this means that I have officially started my Holiday Journal!
December 1 reads:
Oh the most wonderful time of the year has begun in the world of Christmas journals. Many of us all over the world are tuned in to Shimelle.com to share Christmas and/or holiday stories. It's interesting to think that many of us come from all walks of life (and areas of the world) yet we all feel the same passion for this project. So diverse, yet bound by a common passion.I don't feel compelled to focus on a manifesto, but I am excited to a lot of writing. Perhaps this will bring some inner peace, or at least part of my journey during this holiday season. Some days I may have lots to say, and some days maybe little (although I doubt it). Regardless, my hope is finding time for inner peace and reflection. I am so happy to have my journal prepared, and now to simply write.