Sunday, October 27, 2013

Smokin' Silhouette

I am in awe of the stuff I can create on my Silhouette. This week-end I have been cutting up chipboard. I really wanted to make something custom for this layout!

So, I began with an boring old cheerios box! Cut an arrow out the size I wanted and covered it with silver paint. Then used a template and dabbed on black paint.

Still needing some more of "something"...I then added some glimmer mist and distress ink to the arrow.
You have to love days like this. . . getting messy and playing with new scrappy toys!
Thanks for looking!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Easiest Travel Album EVER!

I love scrapbooking our family travels. REALLY...I do! BUT....sometimes the whole thought of tackling a TRAVEL ALBUM is daunting. SO...this year, when we were preparing for our trip, I decided to try a DIFFERENT APPROACH! And HERE is what I did:

1. Reasearch...yes because I love research (said no one ever)! I went to the most trusty, reliable site that has the most valid  CREATIVE research ever...PINTEREST!

2. KISS...Keep it simple silly! Yes this time I went really SIMPLE...using SCRAPS from previous travel albums (paper, stickers, tags) and cut everything into various sizes NO larger than 6X12 and bound them with 2 plain binder rings I had on hand.
3. PREPARE...all the legwork for this album took place beforehand. I estimate it took me 2 hours MAX to cut the various scraps, punch binding holes in them and throw on some stickers. I also made a few pocket pages by stapling some scraps together, because I knew I would like to stash stuff later.
4. DOCUMENT...once we were on the trip (with the album), I documented in it every day. Usually that night as I was reading in bed, or the next morning over my morning coffee. Nothing fancy, but documented. (I always figured, if I didn't like it, I could re-do a page once I got home).
5. ADD-ONS...because I bound this with 2 large binder rings, I chose larger sized rings, so that I could continually add to the album while en route. This gave me space to add pamphlets, tags, tickets, postcards, and eventually pictures.
6. ALMOST DONE...The best thing about doing THE EASIEST TRAVEL ALBUM that it was ALMOST done when I got home. All I had to do was print and add pictures to my stories...
SMALL PICS added as a group
AND 4X6's added as a single page
I hope you find this little story inspiring!
Thanks for looking!!!